Life in Quarantine

A tactical Pixel Art game.

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Move with WASD or Arrow keys
- Use Items with Ctrl + Movement keys
Hide in a bush using Space
Chat with other players using the Enter Key

Life in Quarantine

Everyone outside is sent home by the police.
This game is about you having a walk with your dog.

A tactical Pixel Art game.

The game offers:

- Procedurally generated Random Maps for unlimited challenges
- Multiplayer - play online with your friends!
- Online Highscore
- Unlock useful Items and Achievements
- Also optimized to play on Android

Customized Avatars - for Supporters

Celebrate diversity! Everyone is different! Express yourself and create your own character. Who are you and who you want to be? Play as Cowboy, Farmer Girl or Tough looking adventurer. It's up to you!

How to get it: Head to the downloads section. By donating, you'll get access to a file called supporter_key.txt. Read that file and follow the instructions.

If you can't afford the key, join us on discord! We do giveaways regularly :)


- In case of performance problems (the game shows the message "30FPS"), download the full game below. Available on all Platforms, including Android.

If you find bugs, let me know :)

Join us on Discord!


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Click download now to get access to the following files: 22 MB
Version 166 21 MB
Version 111
cuarentena-android.apk 27 MB
Version 137 32 MB
Version 164 23 MB
Version 163
supporter_key.txt 231 bytes
if you pay $2 USD or more

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It cured my colon cancer.

6/10 funny and very short, better with a friend

Good game to play with friends 6.5/10

Really liked that game, more than I initially thought I would! Awesome music, too! :)

this game took me away from loneliness thank you :)

i like the game its super fun but it makes me lonely since i losT my friend trying to find him in game

but all in all btw hes ingame name is prohps

Thank you for your comment :D Sorry for losing your friend, did you see him in chat? Press Enter anywhere in the game to see the chat ;)

Is this an online game or like the retro games, I like both!

Thank you :) <3


Awesome game! The only thing I do when I'm bored!

(1 edit) (+1)

Thank you for your nice comment! <3


this game I'd have to say, is my favorite from all these games

its interesting, fun, and there are actual people who are really nice

man I love this game lol


Thank you so much :) <3

How do you log in?


Use your name#password as your user name. Click the lock in the upper left corner in the main screen to obtain your password.



plaz play wit moi


hey everybody im back online again


welcome back :)


how do you log in

(2 edits) (+1)

Click the small lock close to your user name in the main menu to obtain your password.


Help i tried to use a code but nothing happens


Contact us on Discord


nice game


Hey! For MacOS the download is "broken" and I kind of believe it because when I unzip the zip file it ends up being called some random jumble of letters (it looked like spanish but I don't know why, I think its random) and when I try and launch it it says something about the file being broken and asking if I'd like to move it to the trash bin (MacOS trying to baby the user, don't mind it, normally you'd press no or cancel to these prompts, it basically is saying its unplayable), I think its because the .pck file isn't compatible with MacOS but I could be very wrong about that.

(2 edits) (+1)

Hey, thank you for your feedback :)

The “random jumble” is probably cuarentena, which indeed is spanish for ’quarantine*.

I really would like to fix this, but unfortunately, I don’t have a Mac to test on. Please, can you provide your MacOS version and a screenshot of the error message (“it says something about the file being broken”)?

The .pck package is most likely not the problem, I think it’s something about the way the archive is packaged.

You can post here, or even better, contact me in Discord:


We made it to the front page on multiplayer games let's gooo!!!!!!

Yayy :)

sooo can youu do some course of godot

(1 edit)

Actually I could do this, not a bad idea at all :) The idea would be to coach novice game devs to realize their game ideas. Also, many game devs come from a artistic background and have a hard time coding. Coaching artist game devs should be a lot of fun too :)

But at least for the next weeks I’m busy with LIQ, so in the meanwhile check out the numerous (very good) tutorials about godot on YouTube :)

If you want to keep in touch and to talk more about godot/game dev, contact me on discord. ->

thank you bro 


NightinGames was amazed by the possibility to collect as many toilet paper as possible in multiplayer since it was always sold in real life.

Great game.

Haha what a creative comment, thank you so much <3


I like it, but you need to add more than collect toilet paper because its fun with all the mechanics but maybe make a new gamemode and possibly fuse it with this gamemode or something because it gets boring because all you do is the toilet paper mode.

(1 edit)

Try "Team play" in multiplayer, it adds some spice to the principle and is the most popular one in the community 🙂

To add more variety, I'm currently working on a puzzle mode and team vs team game mode called "vampires and humans". We go into beta with that next week 👍

If you want to join the public beta and take part in the development process, join us on discord. If you just want to get notified about an update, I think does that. 

Thank you for your nice comment, I appreciate 🌻


ahah cool games

It was quite a fun game! Too bad only a few people are playing in multiplayer but nonetheless single player was still a lot of fun. The concept of sound and the other power-ups add flavor to the gameplay. Simply put, I loved it.

Hey thanks for featuring LIQ, was fun to watch :D

For multiplayer, there seem to be “rush hours” when more players are online to play with. There seems to be one around 17:00 UTC and another one around 03:00 UTC. I have no statistical data for this though, just my impression :)

Thank you for playing and the nice video, I’m glad you liked it :)

(2 edits) (+1)

Cool! :D Game changer is that it also has Android version and deceiving tactics in multiplayer is so much fun.

(1 edit) (+2)

Thank you for your kind reply :)

Android was always a number one platform I wanted the game to run on.

In the moment, I’m working on 2 more game modes to add more variety in the game. One is a puzzle mode where you need to make your choices carefully to solve the level (single- and multiplayer). The other one is called “vampires and humans”, a team vs team multiplayer mode.

If you want to take part in the beta program starting next week, join us on Discord :)

what does the mask do?

you need it to win 

Without mask, you can’t enter the shop to buy toilet paper ;)

it makes you be able to go in the store


for sulai sulai´s song sample

I can’t play it

sorry i didnt share it lol


I like the first 4 drum notes, like they are 2 different sounds. Maybe repeat this pattern throughout the song? If you then play at 200% speed this sounds quite like something already! :D

(2 edits)

hey Mvolution i had a idea for a outfit        

That black vampire guy is quite crazy! Added. The chicken is funny, I added this one as a hat! I keep the third one, but I think won’t work as a vampire, because I want to keep the original player’s character and only add teeth and vampire attire. Cool stuff, thank you!


hi mvolution i am with craig and wanted to submit this outfit and hair i hope you like it    

I do :) Added.

(1 edit)

    each one of these has one hat and one outfit presenting:      the Miner    the police cadet 

Cool stuff, I like the miner a lot! However when importing to the game, some color information gets lost (which is a pitty), because coloring and texture is handled separately in the game. But still looks awesome! <3

yay thank you so much

(1 edit)

If you want to create your own clothes/items I’m happy to include them in the game (given it is possible within the technical restrictions). For your custom clothes and hair styles, use this guy as a reference. (download by right clicking the image) You need a pixel editor like to draw clothes.

(1 edit)

here you go Sulai ; )                            <----- that is just my thought        <----- yep thats it 


(7 edits)

Those clothes really look cool, but they don’t fit on the character in the game. You need to import that character to your pixel editor and draw your clothes on top. Generally, hats are like 5-6 Pixels height, shirts like 3-4px height.

(1 edit) (+1)

sorry i just re sized them now here same order                       and a coffin    


meh gonna plaeh it HAHAH


Very nice game keep it up !


Really amazing game, I'll definitely be playing it often.


Very nice game, lots of customization and features! :)



Super Game  

Thank you <3


do you want coffee? (the game asked me)

I know, the game does that :D

Actually I prefer a tea over coffee.

i like citrus green tea

Hey i found an glitch that if the mask girl gives the mask to you on the toilet paper store, it does not enter. you have to get out and back in. Hope it helps!

Best solution to this would be she’s never around the shop, I put it on my list. Thank you for reporting :)

Warum ist das Spiel auf deutsch bei mir

Weil ich’s übersetzt habe. Du kannst im Hauptmenü unten links auf den Schraubenschlüssel klicken und dann auf das Flaggensymbol, um die Sprache umzustellen.

Ahh Ok dann werde ich es machen


petition to make the MCYT members to play this-

cause this is amazing-

Thank you Nalypso :D




Thanks <3


this is pog

Deleted 169 days ago

the funniest game i have ever played

Ohhh thank you ^^ <3

level 7 doesnt have trees

(1 edit)

By the time the girl appears on the screen, there are no more trees. Ask her for a mask in order to buy toilet paper. In the case you found a bug and you can make it happen again, please contact me on discord

no its the sstart of the level

I see. very strange I can not reproduce it. If you don’t mind, please try to make the bug happen again and send a screenshot to me. I hope to see what’s the issue here.

but if i reload the page it become norma

So you are able to make the bug happen again? What exactly do you do? Is it always the same level? If you can, please make a screenshot when the bug appears. Thanks <3


This is a really nice game! I really liked playing it! 


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