A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, Linux, and Android

Humanity is facing quarantine. Everyone outside is sent home by the police.

This game is about you having a walk with your dog.

A tactical Pixel Art game.

The game offers:
- Procedurally generated Random Maps for unlimited challenges
- Multiplayer - play online with your friends!
- Online Highscore
- Unlock useful Items and Achievements
- Also got optimized controls for Android

This game is finished.

If you find bugs, let me know :)

Android version also available on Aptoide: https://cuarentena.en.aptoide.com/app

Install instructions

Extract Archive and run the game.


quarantine-windows.zip 23 MB
Version 64 24 days ago
quarantine-windows32.zip 22 MB
Version 8 24 days ago
cuarentena-android.apk 29 MB
Version 31 24 days ago
quarantine-mac.zip 24 MB
Version 61 24 days ago
quarantine-linux.zip 24 MB
Version 61 24 days ago

Development log


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hello I came to analyze your game =)
wow what an interesting game from a distance the game doesn't attract attention it seems like a simple game but its mechanics and the level design makes it not unpredictable as it also encourages players to create their own tactics, in addition the game throughout the campaign has a balanced rhythm each phase having a new mechanic that considerably changes the gameplay and encourages the player to continue playing to see what mechanics are coming.
Another thing I loved was the immercivity because even though they are static images of unpredictable characters (A.I.) the freedom to use any object makes you know that you are in this world
conclusion: i analyzed his game i found no revealing defect (in my opinion) his game was very creative and besides it was fun even though it was simple he managed to captivate me and make me play for almost an hour without realizing it, so summarizing congratulations on your game =)
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What a nice Review! Thank you so much for your Comment =)

I love to discuss these kind of things. You mentioned the Cops AI being unpredictable, which is not entirely the case. You can predict their movement direction indicated by the light cone. Also, when they reach their destination and change their path, they will give you a short time to react on the new situation, as they will stop, look around, then continue with the new path. So, true, they are not entirely predictable, but they behave in a way that makes stealth and sneaking a good strategy, besides the obvious “run” strategy.

Thanks again, comments like yours make my day :D

I'm trying to start a new channel to help market developers. I've uploaded a few videos on this game and will later upload more.  https://youtu.be/KEc1ZPmJH0s


Hey man, this was fun to watch :D I appreciate you covered my game in your channel! Subbed.

A few tips on playing:

  • You missed the bush button. You can hide in a bush if you click the button in the lower right. ;)
  • There are two different strategies you can mix:
    • outrun the police (you did)
    • slowly move forward, trying to foresee cop movement and keeping out of sight. Use the bush in critical situations, or run.

If you want, you can link the itch.io page from your YouTube Video description ;) Also, the game is on Aptoide, which is another way to download the android version and get updates. https://cuarentena.en.aptoide.com/

Tip for your channel: if you can afford it, get a noise free microphone. Makes a huge difference :)

Thank you for playing!