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This is surprisingly a good game. Doesn't really get old, because there's always a daily challenge, and a highscore. ( I got a highscore of 28! Beat that! )


Could you make the game play in lan (I can't purchase the server to play multiplayer because I don't have any payment method)?


does anyone know how to get the achievements "invisible man" and "a shadow only"?

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Invisible: The cops never actually saw you (but maybe heard you).

Shadow: They never saw nor heard you, leaving them without a clue of your presence.



Good but why does it open the keyboard when on mobile browser?

download the android game

When I try to use ctrl +movement keys it doesnt seem to work.

It only works if you got items in your inventory and they are usable in your current situation. If you want to use specific items explicitly, try pressing the buttons 1-3 to select an item from your inventory. Generally, using ctrl is faster though.

If you think you found a bug, we need more information to fix it. In this case, please join us on Discord, we have a #bugs channel there to discuss problems with the game.

Aight then.



how do you log out

You can’t, but you can start over by clicking the wrench in the main menu and then the reset button. If you want to use another name, you can ask a moderator to give you another nick name. The best way to find help is to join us on Discord. Thank you for playing :)

Way too laggy but good game!

Thanks :) We currently got servers in EU and US to provide low latency. We hope to have an asian server one day. :)


i love this game


Thanks man :)


Lmao the police, I like on how getting caught doesn't end the game. The police just safely get you home very nice.

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I like this game. I was lonely in the quarantine but not anymore :D

I’m happy you enjoyed the game :) If you ever feel lonely, join us on Discord :D




Was Just Scrolling Through Web Multiplayer And Found This


Dostum harika bir oyun olmuş daha fazla oyuncu olsaydı tadından yenmezdi :)


Güzel yorumun için teşekkür ederim :)




Cant lie i wasn't expecting much but dang dis gud

I feel like I should know this, but how do I log out of my account?


I think you can't log out from the game currently, but there are a few ways to do so

If you're playing in web, i think clearing your cookies is enough

If you're playing from the downloaded version and you're in windows like me, type %appdata% at the File Explorer's address, open the Godot folder and try delete the folder called "Cuarantena" (Quarantine but in Spanish)

Anyways don't forget your password or else you won't be able to login lol (but some moderators can help recover your account if you want)

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Thanks for telling me Yeet! Oh and btw it's me, Kat!

how do i log into my account?

In the main screen, click on the avatar in the upper left, type your name and you will be asked for your password.

If you forgot your password, ask the staff for help (green in chat), or contact us on Discord.

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Live Stream of Banana’s LiQ Online Multiplayer Tournament

Life In Quaranrine Tournament Season 1

The unofficial tournament has get sponsor by mvolution.

 Here are some information about the tournament : 

- Game : Life In Quarantine (latest build). 

- Mode : White Gold and Last Survivor with Original, Random, and Puzzle settings 

- Time : From October 

- Prize : Premium Account in Banana's Playground and Life In Quarantine Discord server till January 1, 2022 

- Registration Deadline : October 25

Join Banana's Playground Discord Server and register for free:

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The daily is impossible for me i cant see much and i dont have good vision irl so just recipe for diasaster

The daily challenge switches between day- and night mode every other day ;)

Really liked that game, more than I initially thought I would! Awesome music, too! :)

Thanks :D

this game took me away from loneliness thank you :)

thank you for your comment :)

i like the game its super fun but it makes me lonely since i losT my friend trying to find him in game

but all in all btw hes ingame name is prohps

Thank you for your comment :D Sorry for losing your friend, did you see him in chat? Press Enter anywhere in the game to see the chat ;)

Is this an online game or like the retro games, I like both!

Thank you :) <3


Awesome game! The only thing I do when I'm bored!

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Thank you for your nice comment! <3


this game I'd have to say, is my favorite from all these games

its interesting, fun, and there are actual people who are really nice

man I love this game lol


Thank you so much :) <3

How do you log in?


Use your name#password as your user name. Click the lock in the upper left corner in the main screen to obtain your password.



plaz play wit moi


hey everybody im back online again


welcome back :)

Hey craig, are you still there? I’ve some secret plans going on and I would like to talk with you about it 😁👍


how do you log in

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Click the small lock close to your user name in the main menu to obtain your password.

Deleted post

Contact us on Discord


nice game


Hey! For MacOS the download is "broken" and I kind of believe it because when I unzip the zip file it ends up being called some random jumble of letters (it looked like spanish but I don't know why, I think its random) and when I try and launch it it says something about the file being broken and asking if I'd like to move it to the trash bin (MacOS trying to baby the user, don't mind it, normally you'd press no or cancel to these prompts, it basically is saying its unplayable), I think its because the .pck file isn't compatible with MacOS but I could be very wrong about that.

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Hey, thank you for your feedback :)

The “random jumble” is probably cuarentena, which indeed is spanish for ’quarantine*.

I really would like to fix this, but unfortunately, I don’t have a Mac to test on. Please, can you provide your MacOS version and a screenshot of the error message (“it says something about the file being broken”)?

The .pck package is most likely not the problem, I think it’s something about the way the archive is packaged.

You can post here, or even better, contact me in Discord:


We made it to the front page on multiplayer games let's gooo!!!!!!

Yayy :)

sooo can youu do some course of godot

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Actually I could do this, not a bad idea at all :) The idea would be to coach novice game devs to realize their game ideas. Also, many game devs come from a artistic background and have a hard time coding. Coaching artist game devs should be a lot of fun too :)

But at least for the next weeks I’m busy with LIQ, so in the meanwhile check out the numerous (very good) tutorials about godot on YouTube :)

If you want to keep in touch and to talk more about godot/game dev, contact me on discord. ->

thank you bro 


NightinGames was amazed by the possibility to collect as many toilet paper as possible in multiplayer since it was always sold in real life.

Great game.

Haha what a creative comment, thank you so much <3


I like it, but you need to add more than collect toilet paper because its fun with all the mechanics but maybe make a new gamemode and possibly fuse it with this gamemode or something because it gets boring because all you do is the toilet paper mode.

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Try "Team play" in multiplayer, it adds some spice to the principle and is the most popular one in the community 🙂

To add more variety, I'm currently working on a puzzle mode and team vs team game mode called "vampires and humans". We go into beta with that next week 👍

If you want to join the public beta and take part in the development process, join us on discord. If you just want to get notified about an update, I think does that. 

Thank you for your nice comment, I appreciate 🌻


ahah cool games

It was quite a fun game! Too bad only a few people are playing in multiplayer but nonetheless single player was still a lot of fun. The concept of sound and the other power-ups add flavor to the gameplay. Simply put, I loved it.

Hey thanks for featuring LIQ, was fun to watch :D

For multiplayer, there seem to be “rush hours” when more players are online to play with. There seems to be one around 17:00 UTC and another one around 03:00 UTC. I have no statistical data for this though, just my impression :)

Thank you for playing and the nice video, I’m glad you liked it :)

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