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I just noticed,when loading up more blocks you get more money...

Yep, you are right. The formula for the money is: loaded blocks * similarity - fuel cost


True,but the colored blocks one is hard for me.When u can't find the color that u want to match.

there's only one way to get rid of blocks, quickly load them into the truck that leaves when there's no blocks inside of it and the attached blocks will go offscreen and be gone forever, making the game easier

True, this is not the intended way though ;)

It’s a bug, but not game breaking, because you can’t get rid of more blocks then there are delivered. The game mechanic still works :)

Did you notice you can load the trucks on the right side? ;)

i meant the truck that gives more blocks (this worked) [small question, do you know Con~Crisp?]

For those of you interested in that, the formula for getting coins is:

loaded blocks * similarity - fuel cost

So it makes sense to sort by color and have fully loaded trucks.